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Yogis unite: 6 luxury gifts to turn ‘om’ into an ‘OMG’


Time on the mat is often the only time a busy woman gets to completely check out and disconnect. Emails, work stress, family, and relationships all take a back seat so that she can stretch, flow and connect with what matters. If you’re hunting for the perfect gift for a hard-working yogi, consider boosting their practice with something special.

With yoga continuing to grow worldwide, key yoga accessories are essential to quality time out on the yoga mat. Yoga is a lifestyle, so give her a gift to match – whether you’re buying a yoga gift for a driven career woman, a power mommy or yoga buddy, a quality gift will boost confidence to strengthen their practice.

A strong yoga practice is built on a strong foundation; so start with a quality mat and accessories that will inspire and transform her yoga practice into a daily ritual of wellness. Open your heart chakra and send some love to those in your life with these luxe hand-picked yoga gifts.

The designer yoga mat: Bowern yoga mat

Skip the studio’s shared mats with a luxury mat that’s runway ready. You read that right—the Bowern yoga mat made an appearance at Paris Fashion Week as part of fashion designer extraordinaire’s Alexander Wang Spring 2017 showing.

It’s no surprise that Bowern’s dreamy mat designs caught Wang’s eye. Choose the Shady Palms mat for the nature lover, or Fine Lines for the minimalist maven. Bowern mats are topped with micro-fiber suede, so there’s no risk of slipping out of a pose, even in the hottest studio. They’re also environmentally friendly, made with 100% biodegradable and recyclable rubber.


Priced at $98
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The stylish way to hydrate: Vitajuwel water bottle 

Water is essential both on and off the mat and a sleek reusable bottle is the answer to keeping hydrated throughout the day. Gift her a premium glass bottle to ensure the water stays pure and clear.

The Vitajuwel Water Bottle is so on-trend she will be carrying it everywhere as her new favorite accessory. It features a ‘gempod’ filled with hand picked gemstones which have a range of benefits such as love, beauty, healing and cleansing powers. These gemstones will help her discover inner beauty and reduce negative energy.


Priced at $98
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The spiritual accessory: Dream Collective Jewellery

Yoga jewelry is about more than just looking good and while mala beads are touted as the ultimate yoga fashion accessory, think delicate lapis necklaces or precious amulet stud earrings as another way to refine and direct a spiritual practice both on and off the mat. Choosing the right stone to wear on a ring, bracelet or necklace can add clarity to any yoga session.

Katherine Bentley, a vintage style icon and jewelry designer, has built a cult following at Dream Collective with her vintage designs that capture California’s offbeat beauty. One piece on my wishlist is the Lapis Organic Amulet Pendant, each necklace is one of a kind due to the natural lapis patterns – the ultimate gift to spoil someone with.


Priced at $1,300
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The organic yoga bag: WILL Leather Goods yoga bag

How do you make sure she never forgets her yoga gear? By gifting her a one-of-a-kind quilted bag, of course. On a meditation retreat in India, the intricate quilting technique called Kantha was discovered which is used to make these exquisite yoga bags.

No two bags are alike and each is reversible, so she can choose the design that suits her mood. The perfect size to fit all of her yoga essentials, eco-friendly and celebrating worldwide artisans, a gift of a WILL Leather Goods yoga bag cannot go amiss.


Priced at $295
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The practical strap: Mr Lentz leather yoga strap

If your gift budget doesn’t stretch to a bag, the next best option is a Mr. Lentz Yoga Strap, created out of hand cut leather in the dusty and arid lands of the Desert Southwest. One of these robust straps will allow her to carry her yoga mat in style.

A practical gift for a yogi, as yoga mats can be awkward and bulky to carry, especially on public transport. Mat straps, or slings, loop around a rolled mat and keep it rolled up, easy to carry—and hard to leave behind.


Priced at $68
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A Parisian diffuser where style meets your Ayurvedic senses: Un Air De Diptyque

All the way from Saint-Germain and made by Diptyque, a collective formed by three artistic souls in the 1960’s comes an array of scents which compliment mind and body intervention with style. The Diptique diffuser is one of a kind that envelops the senses completely.

My senses have been stolen by the Diptyque ginger capsule where they say the smell of the freshly cut ginger unveils the figure of The Lover or the emerald paddy fields of The Sea Wall. Ginger is used so widely in Ayurveda that it is known as the ‘root’ to good health. Enhance her senses with this Parisian diffuser to balance the mind and body.


Priced at $350
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Namaste – Lexie Rogers

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