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Olivia Von Halle: Arguably the world’s greatest pajamas


Fact: you can’t be a bona fide queen without investing in luxury sleepwear. We’re no experts on stilettos (can’t walk) or bandage dresses (can’t breathe) but we do know a thing or two about luxurious lounging, and there’s one set of PJs that’s a cut above the rest – Olivia Von Halle.

Olivia, who four years ago started her brand on her kitchen table, is now an international phenomenon stocked in luxury department stores including Selfridges, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.  Her eponymous label was originally inspired by the chic silk pajamas worn by Coco Chanel.

We sat down with Olivia, aka the Queen of sleepwear, to discuss the important things in life; silk, Mother’s Day, and her horse Herman:

Born: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

Lives: London

Known for: Being the “Queen of pajamas’ (!)

Success is: not having to do your own ironing

What are three words that describe your brand? Modern, original, decadent

What is the inspiration behind your current season? A quote in Ayrn Rand’s The fountainhead,

“Ellsworth Toohey sat spread out on a couch, wearing a dressing gown, His body had the shape of a sloppy letter X – arms stretched over his head, along the edge of the back pillows, legs open in a wide fork. The dressing gown was made of silk bearing the trademarked pattern of Coty’s face powder, white puffs on an orange background; it looked daring and gay, supremely elegant through sheer silliness”

What are the top three best gifts from your current range?  Our Missy silk cashmere tracksuit beloved by everyone from Rihanna, Bella and Gigi Hadid to Jessica Alba – I think anyone would be thrilled with a Missy! For a more low-key purchase, an eye mask is always lovely and comes in a beautiful silk pouch so you can travel with it without it getting dirty. However, the thing we are best known for is our pajamas and they are a great gift for everyone from teenage cousin to your Grandmother.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching – what is the best gift from your collection for all of the Mom’s out there?: My Mum asked our Lila Mona pajamas which have zebras running across them – and of course, she will be getting them!

What is the best gift that you have ever received, and why?: My friends secretly clubbed together for my 30th and bought me the chance to design a hat with the milliner Victoria Grant. It was so touching that they had all got together and planned it in advance. With gifts, I do think it is the thought that counts.

How do you show your loved ones they’re special?: I just try and carve out enough time to give to people I care about, which isn’t easy when your juggling a rapidly expanding business and a baby…

What is your “go-to” gift for family and friends?: Funnily enough, they get given A LOT of Olivia von Halle!

People are surprised that I: have a horse called Herman

What is your most loved…

App: Waze Website: manrepeller.com Emoji: 🦄  Instagram stalk: @nadialeecohen – she is shooting our next campaign and we are obsessed with her… Beauty product: Estee Lauder advanced night repair serum Album: I grew up listening to the Blues Brothers Soundtrack and it always puts me in my happy place!

Lila Nika Silk Pajamas

Lila Nika OVH

Priced at $440
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Eyemask Luisa


Priced at $150
Love it? List it.

Lila Nacy Silk Pajamas


Priced at $440
Love it? List it.

Missy Moscow Silk-Cashmere Tracksuit 

Missy moscow

Priced at $1150
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Which one do you love? Add your favorite to your Whilo wishlist, and don’t forget Mom, as she cries “I love it!” as she slowly unwraps a zebra-print matching silk PJ set this Mother’s Day. Let Whilo take the guesswork out of gifting to ensure you give (and get) the perfect gift, every time. Because great sleepwear is too important for guesswork.

Check out the full Olivia Von Halle profile on Whilo.

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    These pajamas are to die for! I love the styling and opulence of the line. Great interview!

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