The holidays c/o Whilo: Karina CJ - Whilo

The holidays c/o Whilo: Karina CJ


With the Holidays upon us, we thought it would be best to sit down with Karina Calvert-Jones, Founder of Whilo.

Here’s a glimpse into the life of the fabulous leading lady who has made thoughtfulness easy by refining the way we exchange gifts with those we love.

Born: Melbourne, Australia.

Known for: Los Angeles.

Success is: Giving the perfect gift!

Known for: Still have a strong Aussie accent despite living in LA 13 years now.

2017 has nearly wrapped! Your Whilo featured list contains your top 20 must-haves from the year. What are the top three products everyone needs?

  1. The Pomegranate bath soap, you clearly wouldn’t buy and use daily but it’s so good and I think everyone deserves a little luxury in the shower. Even my husband loves this soap.
  2. The Copper watering can from Terrain – because everyone hopefully has plants in their home and this can is not only super useful but it looks gorgeous.
  3. I’m utterly obsessed with May Lindstrom honey mud. It smells SO good and you actually could eat it. A mask, and also a cleanser – everyone will love this product.

What was the inspiration behind your Featured List? I obviously added things that I love, (after all Whilo stands for “what-i-love”), and hopefully everyone can benefit from discovering new products from other peoples tried and tested. I personally love all of the products on my list.

Looking back at the year….
What was your favorite trend from 2017? I’ve been enjoying the resurgence of all things retro – from record players to old school roller skates.

Favorite product? At the moment I’m loving bare minerals nighttime treatment- it’s a luminous brown powder and you get to go to bed glowing. It’s a treatment for your skin that has instant benefits.

Favorite brand discovery? L’Angene denim – their jeans suck you in and are super comfortable. They now come in nearly ever color and not just denim but cord, velvet and leather.

Favorite buying trip?: I had so much fun in Paris over Fashion Week. I went with a group of serious fashionistas. We all had a love affair with this seasons Gucci and Loewe – I had such fun as there were so many Aussies in town and they do love to party.

What’s in store for Whilo in 2018? Next year, is going to be a big year for Whilo. The team have been working hard to update the tech to make the platform super intuitive and easy to use. We will implement our universal shopping cart which will enable you to shop any product from anywhere online, through one click so you can check out all your items at once – major game changer for everyone!

We will also be aiming to solve the problem of getting your gift recipients address for them, I love it when we can auto fill everything for everyone all the while maintaining privacy. We are also partnering with The Starlight Foundation which I’m really excited about. Having had health issues myself in the past it’s an incredibly good cause and we will be thrilled to support.

What is the best gift that you have ever received? My favorite gifts are experiences. My husband once rented a house in Australia for a few days for my birthday so I could invite all my girl friends who I had not spent time with in years. I cherish that time and gesture dearly.

How do you show your loved-ones they’re special? Clearly we all buy each other gifts but most importantly I always sit down and write a long card at Birthday time. There’s nothing better than a heartfelt handwritten card or note that blows some wind in your sails.

What is your “go-to” gift for family and friends? I actually don’t really have a go to gift as I try to personalize everyone’s to suit. Obviously now I always buy them something from their Whilo page as I know it’s not going to be unwanted, wasted or returned. Too easy!

What does the notion of “giving” mean to you during the holiday season? I believe “giving” is really, giving quality time. Weather it’s a trip back home to see our loved ones to spend time with them, or “giving back”. Both of my daughters schools have fabulous holiday programs where we adopt families in need and we fulfill all their Xmas wishes. We shop, wrap and deliver.
It’s the perfect time to acknowledge everyone around you and show your gratitude for their love, friendship or services.

Go-to stores and brands to decorate your home during the holidays? Potterybarn, Anthropology, West Elm, and Trader Joes for fresh flowers, wreaths and garlands.

What is your most loved … App: Whilo! Website: Goop Emoji:🤣  Instagram stalk: @sarafoster Drink: tequila and Hot Toddys Beauty product: tinted moisturizer  Fashion brand: Zara Album: Oh that’s too hard. But I’ll narrow it down to my families most played album of 2017 is hands down Kygo Belly up.